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Author Janice Mavis
"Feelings Inside Of Me"

  Feelings Inside Of Me, Author Janice Mavis

Ms. Janis Mavis is an extraordinary "Author" who emphasize on creativity, vision, and the spoken word. She constantly shares her talent and expertise with local businesses, organizations, non-profit organizations, corporations, and social media globally.

She is the "Author" of the exceptional and exciting Book, "Feelings Inside Of Me", A Collection of Inspirational Poetry to Touch the Heart & Open the Soul. Her poetry is the rhythmical creation of expressions of beauty in words. It is a spontaneous overflow of love, wisdom, courage, and creativity. Founder, Feelings Inside of Me Writing Services which offers creative and expressive poems, short-phrases, & slogans for special occasions/events.

She is a Cyber Party Team Lead Host of Sherry Gordy Presents, Take the Stage, Inspired by Motown in Vegas on Livestream.com each Friday globally.

She has offered Creative Writing Workshops for the youth several years ago at the Martin Luther King Library                                                         iWashington, D.C. & The Convenant House of Washington, a non-profit organization learning facility for the youth.

                                          This Author has really expanded her horizon and mobility within the Literary & Indie Artist Industry. She sponsored a                                               book signing at the Massanutten Four Star Resort in Harrisonburg, VA for vacationer's and their families.


                                          In January of 2015, she was a guest, In The Author's Corner, with your host Etienne A. Gibbs, Blog Talk Radio where India                                           Artists express the spoken word. In February of 2015, she was honored as a Author with the Black Book Festival in                                                     Houston, Texas which was an amazing day for her. She was a guest on the "Jerry Royce  Live Worldwide."                                                                  September of 2015, she was a featured Author, Baltimore Book Festival Inner Harbor, where she displayed her                                                           and performed poetry readings, The Author's Tent Stage. She was very explosive and creative! 

                                          Currently, she is marketing her book, a SGP Cyber Party Team Host, & Radio Host Author's Corner a WMEL DJ Mel                                                   Entertainment  1Essence Radio. You can contact this author and purchase her book at the following websites for                                                         additional information: