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Author Janice Mavis
"Feelings Inside Of Me"

  Feelings Inside Of Me, Author Janice Mavis

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Feelings Inside Of Me Writing Services.

We Focus on the needs of our clients transforming their dreams and visions into reality. We give each client that personal touch and special attention. Our specialty: Weddings, Events, Home Going Services, & Special Occasions. Our poems, short phrases, and slogans are life changing for your events or presentations.

Our prices are hourly and negotiable as well. Once you have  selected the type of  Creative Writing Service you desire, a  contract of service will be created for you, and a 50% deposit will be required. Cancellation Policy: After (48) hours date of contract, no refund will be rendered. 

Please contact us by via or email: www.feelinginsideofmej.mavis@yahoo.com